Objectives for 2019

1.0 Business Support Bank

1.1 Grow numbers and competencies of trained mentors for the BSB.

1.2 Reach out to pre start ups and early stage companies to enroll on the BSB platform

1.3 Advertise case studies and success stories to the business community

1.4 Promote BSB successes to the wider population in order to enhance Portsmouth’s reputation as a good place to start up a business or social enterprise.

1.5 Achieve sustainability

2.0 Access to Finance

2.1 Support PCC in establishing a crowdfunding platform for SMEs and communities in the Portsmouth area

2.2 Assist SMEs and Start Ups in planning and executing crowdfunding campaigns

2.3 Signpost other support areas that provide access to finance.

3.0 Student Consultancy Project

3.1 Support University of Portsmouth’s Student Consultancy Project to conduct qualitative and quantitative research into how to increase business successes for Start Ups and SMEs in the Portsmouth area.

3.2 Analyse results and recommendations from the project’s final evaluation report.

3.3 Prioritise resources to put most effort in areas highlighted in the report as weaknesses.

4.0 Big Business and supporting the SME community

4.1 Conduct a SWOT analysis of Portsmouth’s attractiveness to Big Business

4.2 Develop a strategy that mitigates the weaknesses and threats and exploits the strengths and opportunities from that analysis.

4.3 Work with PCC and SLEP to agree and action strategy.

4.4 Encourage greater use of digital technologies by Portsmouth businesses using existing business support projects

5.0 Networking and communications

5.1 Explore opportunities to stage networking and ‘speed dating’ events (like Tooled Up) to help the early stage business and social enterprise communities.

5.2 Exploit digital and traditional communication channels to promote B&E programmes (like BSB) as well as the broader Shaping agenda. Eg - monthly/ weekly Shaping column in the News?

6.0 Support to Shaping

6.1 Share best practice with other Shaping programmes and look for opportunities to collaborate.

6.2 Help Shaping communicate its vision and shared opportunities with the people of Portsmouth

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