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Portsmouth Chamber of Solutions is a partnership of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Shaping Portsmouth and Mission Performance addressing all needs of business start-up, reskilling and growth strategies. It supports businesses and entrepreneurs in the Portsmouth and South East Hants area; responding to the economic impact of Covid-19. It also provides information on Government, LEP, LA and University support; updates on local planning, technology and investments; as well as access to grants, funding, furloughing and the many new post-lockdown directives.

Upcoming free Chamber of Solutions events:

25th August: Business and Financial Planning for Success - Register

Understanding your needs and ensuring the best chance of getting it right is so essential when it comes to investing and reinvesting in your business. This is particularly so when going through times of great change as we are across very many sectors. This is a chance to explore the options.

8th September: Starting My Own Business - Practical Steps in the Journey - Register

Setting up a business requires absolute commitment addressing many personal challenges, financial insecurity and a sense of isolation as you gradually develop towards a greater sense of self-determination and self-confidence. This is a journey taken by all entrepreneurs.

22nd September: Developing Skills for Business Success - Register

If you are looking to change career, develop a new enterprise or leading your business through dynamic transformation, a good understanding of how to access, develop and harness talent and skills will be at the heart of your success through the creative use of skills personally and across your teams and networks.

6th October: Creatively Growing My Business - Register

Addressing a range of business development situations from enterprising start-ups, growth businesses and those going through a period of transformation the event will put a spotlight on how to see your business objectively, building sustainable growth and being a creative driver for change.


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