Celebrating Portsmouth with the Shaping Portsmouth Awards 2020

A0 Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes, Community Investment Manager at Southern Co-operative, announced the winners of the three Supporting Portsmouth awards for Business, Community, and Education.

The Shaping Portsmouth Conference, held at Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday 17th January, saw the celebration of the great work being done in the city with the Shaping Portsmouth Awards. As well as recognising those who support Shaping, the Awards also be championed external projects in the fields of Business, Community, and Education.

The Awards were sponsored by Southern Co-operative, who have kindly sponsored the Shaping Awards ever since we started presenting them in 2013, and were presented by Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Ben Dowling.

This year Jessica Hughes, Community Investment Manager at Southern Co-operative, announced the winners of the three Supporting Portsmouth awards for Business, Community, and Education. The four awards recognising support of Shaping Portsmouth, and the first CEOs Award, were announced by Shaping’s CEO Stef Nienaltowski.


The Supporting Portsmouth Business Award

A1 Boogie Mites

Boogie Mites

Running now for 20 years, they started from the ground up, and over the years have trained hundreds of practitioners in schools and nurseries to deliver their programme. Bringing together our youngest generations with our eldest through the shared experience of music, the nominations received were glowing with praise for the work they do and how much of a significant benefit it makes to the Community. Not content with just helping out locally, they have now gone international, and have a globally accessible online platform.

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The Supporting Portsmouth Community Award


The Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS)

PARCS has been at the forefront of community activist in Portsmouth for over 30 years. They were one of the first rape services in the UK to offer support to children and teenagers, and to recognise men as victims of sexual abuse. PARCS are constantly adapting to the needs of the community, and have recently secured funding for two new roles specifically supporting children and young people. As well as support, PARCS work to reach out to the community, to educate young people on important issues such as sexual consent, online safety, exploitation and more. PARCS continuously identifies and responds to the needs of the local community and will continue to innovate and shape the fields of abuse and trauma counselling in Portsmouth and beyond.

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The Supporting Portsmouth Education Award


The Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association

This charity provides free essential educational support to schools all over Portsmouth, helping to ensure the inclusion of children with Down Syndrome in the wider community. They empower students, parents, and educational settings to provide a range of some of the best specialist services in the UK supporting development and education, and offer training to assist families and professionals in providing effective support from the point of diagnosis, helping to teach children the skills they need to reach their developmental milestones, succeed at school, and be recognised as valued members of their communities.
The strategies they have developed are based in evidence and research, and have been adapted by educators all over the world as being specifically geared towards the very specific learning profile of a child with Down Syndrome.

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Volunteer of the Year

A4 Sam Cox

Sam Cox

Sam’s passion and energy and unsurpassed, as is her positive attitude towards promoting everything great about Portsmouth. Having led the Portsmouth Ambassadors programme now for around 5 years, she has taken a programme that was just ticking over, and made it into something truly special that is not only proud of our City, but that our City can be proud of.

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual

A5 Michael J Thornton

Michael J Thornton

Michael is relatively new to Shaping, but in just a few short months has already made his presence felt. His company have provided a free telecoms systems upgrade to the Shaping team, he has kicked off and led on two Shaping Programmes, recruited several new Sponsors to the Shaping family, and has now joined the brand new Board of Directors.

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Outstanding Contribution by an Organisation

A6 Stagecoach


Stagecoach has supported one of Shaping’s most high profile and visible projects, the National Apprenticeships Week bus tour of Portsmouth Schools, which will be taking place for the third time in February 2020. In donating the time of the driver, not to mention the bus itself, they have not just enabled the project to happen, but have helped us promote Apprenticeships to hundreds of school students across the City.

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Shaping Portsmouth Team of the Year

A7 Emerald Consulting

Emerald Consulting

This award recognises a group of fantastic young people, who not only exemplify Shaping’s relationship with the University, but whose work will form the basis of a brand new Shaping website, launching later this year. Their teamwork and vision has helped to overhaul the current site into a top class platform to properly show off everything the whole Shaping family are achieving. Working as part of their degree, this group of students have surpassed every expectation.
Shaping Thanks Serena, Imam, Guiseppe, and Charles of the student team Emerald Consulting, and their course supervisors Peter and Kevin.

Shaping Portsmouth CEOs Award

A8 Alison Lee

Alison Lee

On announcing the award, Stef said “Over the past couple of years, Shaping has undergone many changes, one of which is the change in my job role to Chief Executive. As such, for the first time this year, I am proud to present the first ever CEOs Award. This award is from me, to an individual who has not only supported Shaping, but who works tirelessly to support the City. She is involved in more community projects than I can count, and has been a source of inspiration and advice. Today I am proud to present the first ever CEOs award to Alison Lee.”

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