Programme Leader for Skills

Stef 2017-04

Stef Nienaltowski
Director of Shaping Portsmouth & Chairman of Kudos Recruitment Group

Stef’s career has spanned 44 years so far with 37 of these working for IBM UK Ltd in a variety of Administration, Financial and Business Operational roles.

Stef left IBM in 2010 and worked for a start up venture, Virtustream Ltd, as their EMEA Director of Operations for one year before moving to Integritie UK Ltd as their Chief Operating Officer. Stef retired from this role in November 2015 with a view to putting his feet up !

Then along came a good friend, Russell Crowe, who asked Stef to get involved with the Kudos Recruitment Group which Russell owns and Stef is acting as Chairman in a part time capacity.

In July 2016 Stef started his latest role as the Director of the Shaping the Future of Portsmouth programme job sharing with Cheryl Buggy, and will take full control of the role in January 2017 as Cheryl moves onto her next assignment.

Stef was born in London but moved to Portsmouth in 1974 and has made this his home since then. Having been formally adopted as a local by all his
friends he however is still to rip his loyalty away from his second passion, ( his first being his family ), his support of Chelsea Football Club.

Stef is married to Liz and has four children, Alex,Natalie,Carol & Gemma. Also Stef enjoys running and for the past 29 years has run with the same person, Barry Wood, 2/3 times a week for around 5 miles each time. In addition to this Stef enjoys off road biking once a week with friends Geoff & Mick.

Although Stef was born in London he never forgets his family roots which lie jointly in Poland (father), and Northern Ireland, (Mother).

He is very passionate about helping to making Portsmouth a world class city with great Business facilities, Tourism venues, and a aspirational strategy for all it’s inhabitants. Stef formally believes Portsmouth is and will be one of the UK’s greatest cities to live and work in and his role now as Director of the Shaping Portsmouth programme will allow him to develop this vision.