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Justine Arnold web

Justine Arnold
Commercial Resourcer at Key Recruitment

Hi! My name’s Justine and I work for Key Recruitment as a Commercial Resourcer. My job is to speak to as many people as I can in a day and help find them the best “next career step” possible.

Personally I struggled to plan for my career when I was going through school, and honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do job-wise until the age of twenty one, so when I was offered the chance to get involved with Shaping Porsmouth's Roadmap To A Career project, I knew I had to get involved!

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about helping the younger generation plan for their future, especially with something as important as their career! The options and assistance when I was in school were incredibly limited, so any help we can give them through our years of wisdom can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Sarah Holmes web

Sarah Holmes
Senior HR Business Associate at Elite-HR

Hi all! I’m Sarah and I work for Elite-HR as a Senior HR Business Associate. My main responsibility is to support HR specialists in their next career move. Having a background in HR has helped me build trusting, and hopefully, long-lasting relationships with both our wonderful candidates, and lovely clients.

I wasn’t a particularly academic student whilst at school, and I certainly didn’t have clear objectives to help me reach my career goals; nor did I know what I wanted to do! I left education and enrolled in a Business Administration apprenticeship; which was really useful to me and my way of learning. I was fortunate enough to then secure my first recruitment job and was put through my REC level 3 diploma; which entailed a written exam and lots of coursework! After a while of working in recruitment I went into an HR Advisor positon, where the company supported me through my undergraduate degree; something I never thought I’d achieve.

I’m really proud of my education and the way I’ve achieved my career goals to-date, and I am eager to support children and young adults through achieving theirs too. We all learn differently, and want different things, and being involved in the Roadmap To A Career project highlights the importance of individuality and different ways of learning.

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