Business Leaders

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The purpose of this group is to draw on the expertise of the widest range of leaders form every area of the city, from companies and organisations both private & public sector.

The BLG meets three time a year with a structured agenda. Part 1 of the meeting consists of important updates affecting the city from Council Leaders as well as significant changes any of the members of the group are making in their own organisations. Part 2 of the meeting is a short update from the Director of Shaping Portsmouth on the programmes it's running.
Finally, in part 3, the group is presented with a new or updated project which has been brought to Shaping. The group then spends 20-25 minutes discussing and analysing the issues amongst the members at their tables, before feeding back to the meeting on options for the way forward.
The meeting starts promptly at 8:30am and finishes at 10:30am.

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