Career planning research

Written by Justine Arnold.

Roadmap To A Career 100pxWhen I first started working with Shaping Portsmouth we sat down with Director, Stef Nienaltowski, to discuss past RTAC projects and future direction.

He told us about research carried out by six students from the University of Portsmouth with regards to careers planning for the younger generation.

Their key finding from their time partnering with Shaping Portsmouth was that the best age to start thinking about careers planning and engaging young people in their future is between 11 and 16 so it makes sense to aim a decent chunk of RTAC’s efforts towards this age group.

We’re coming up to the Spring term, during which we’ll hold a Careers Workshop for the local senior schools, colleges, and the university to discuss areas of difficulty or gaps in careers planning, with a view to building sustainable programmes to plug these gaps year on year.
We’re looking forward to sending out updates as we have them!

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