Could a young person Guess Your Job?

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EBP South is encouraging the people of Portsmouth to make their New Year’s Resolution to give back this year and volunteer.

There are a range of opportunities for people to give up just a couple of hours to volunteer and make a difference to young people’s lives.

One of the popular programmes in Portsmouth is Guess My Job in which volunteers bring in props or draw hints and clues as to their job and the primary children have to guess what they do by asking questions.

A wide variety of people have got involved in Guess My Job sessions from a range of sectors including Law, Finance, STEM, the Health Service and Construction and Engineering to name a few. People from all levels have come along from MD, Pharmacy Technicians to Librarians to HR Assistance. The sessions are only a small commitment for 1 – 2 hours in local primary schools across the South Coast.

To sign up to attend a Guess My Job session and make your New Year’s Resolution, ‘New Year to Volunteer’ contact EBP South via their website.

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