Solent NHS Young Shapers Programme Begins

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Unloc SVAUnloc's first NHS Young Shapers session is fast approaching in just 3 weeks time. If you haven’t heard what’s going on, they’re putting together a Solent NHS Young Shapers Forum, where young people from across Portsmouth and Southampton get the chance to have their say on future NHS policies.

Unloc's Student Voice Academy want young people to share how they feel about the NHS, their local service to young people, and the help they receive. Their opinions will then feed into future policies so that the NHS provision in Portsmouth and Southampton becomes more accessible to the young people of both cities.

The Unloc team are busy planning and arranging activities to make this session as much fun and full of information as possible. Young people will also get the opportunity to meet other like-minded young people, passionate about making local change that will affect local people. The Solent NHS Young Shapers forum sessions will include guest speakers, discussions and much more lined up, so this is definitely not one to miss.

If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who might be, please register your interest by completing the form here. This is one of three events which promise to be equally exciting and insightful for young people.

The Student Voice Academy will also ensure to listen to the views of the young people involved when planning the upcoming events. They want young people to own this Forum and believe this will give them the voice to do so.

There’s lots going on and Unloc are hoping you’ll join them on this venture to create change in the local NHS!

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