National Apprenticeship Week Breakfast Briefing

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Speakers at Breakfast Briefing webThe speakers at the Breakfast Briefing: Sam Clarke, Paul Smith, Louise Gascoigne, Andrea Couzens

In National Apprenticeship Week 2018 PETA Ltd organised a Breakfast Briefing on the subject of the Apprenticeship Levy. The briefing was aimed at spreading the word amongst employers about the benefits of using their levy to develop their workforce.

Huw Chapman, CEO at PETA, opened the event by explaining that employers have two choices to stay at the top of their game. They can recruit new employees to bring in skills and expertise or train their existing workforce. He quoted an MD asking, “What if we train all our staff and they leave?” to which the FD responded saying, "What if we don’t train all our staff and they all stay!"

Training your staff is an essential part of business development and in the breakfast briefing, we heard from four employers who, with help from PETA, accessed levy funding to train apprentices in their business.

Andrea Couzens from Lockheed Martin stated that Lockheed Martin are members of The 5% Club, a dynamic movement of employers focused on creating momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices, sponsored students and graduates into the workforce.

She explained how educating HR partners and managers across the business about the range of apprenticeship training available has meant that a wider variety of apprenticeships are now offered at Lockheed Martin, such as project management and business administration.

Sam Clarke from VES Andover Ltd explained how VES use the Managed Service offered by PETA and how before this, the company had assumed that it would simply lose all their levy payments just like an additional tax. That was until Rachel Robinson the Apprenticeship Levy Consultant at PETA became involved.

Sam went on to say that PETA’s managed service has become an integral part of our business model and that Rachel now deals with all aspects of the levy, meaning the company get excellent value for money and use all of their levy payments effectively.

DSC 1371 webJoe Valverde and Dominic Philo, SMR Apprentices

Paul Smith from SMR explained how apprentices are an integral part of their workforce, with their previous MD himself being a former apprentice. Paul started his own career as an apprentice and now his Tool room is being run by another former apprentice, supported by two more award-winning apprentices. Paul said that in terms of succession planning, apprentices future-proof your business.

Louise Gascoigne from Matrix IT said she has been delighted by their IT apprentices and that her first apprentice has gone on to become as indispensible as her ‘right arm’. Louise said she is excited about the future of our young people with the fantastic apprenticeship standards and opportunities on offer. She said they have bright, young minds hungry for learning that come into Matrix IT as apprentices.

Dominic Philo an apprentice at SMR said that he likes that at SMR there is a clear progression plan for apprentices, as he can see that he is unlimited in his career path.

The event was attended by 30 business people in Portsmouth including representatives from Wightlink, Moneybarn, Gemalto UK, Aerial Direct.

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