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Portsmouth City Council has given the go ahead for a brand new bike-sharing scheme. Later this year Portsmouth residents and visitors will have access to 150 bikes, in an effort to encourage people to swap their car journeys and travel by bike.

Public bike sharing company, nextbike, has over 55,000 bikes in over 150 cities. Through the launch of an 18 month trial, Portsmouth is the latest city in the UK to introduce the scheme and joins major cities such as Bath, Cardiff and Coventry to offer residents and visitors affordable access to bikes.

Initially the bikes will be available to rent from as little as 8p per day from city centre locations, such as train stations and main shopping areas.

Over recent months the council has reviewed a number of service providers to establish the best scheme for the city. Councillor Simon Bosher, Portsmouth's Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said. "We are pleased to have nextbike on board with us and I am confident residents and visitors to Portsmouth will benefit from this easy-to-use public bike sharing scheme.

"Portsmouth is an ideal city for cycling as it is flat and compact. We expect to see people using nextbike to get to work or college, or to the many tourist attractions we have in Portsmouth. This bike scheme will complement our excellent provision of public transport while providing a healthy and enjoyable option for travelling in Portsmouth."

nextbike MD Julian Scriven said. “We’re delighted to be bringing nextbikes to the people of Portsmouth. nextbikes are one of the easiest and most affordable modes of transport around, with prices starting from as little as 8p per day. And with the other added benefits, including improving health and reducing congestion, bike-share will be a fantastic addition to the area for residents and tourists alike.”

Cyclists rent a nextbike through an app and as the bike has its own central locking system there is no need for a docking station. A session can last as long as is needed, and is charged according to the amount of time the bike is used. Users can apply for membership from £20 a year, or can pay as they go.

nextbikes are available 24 hours a day and users can register and hire bikes in just a couple of minutes. The cycle-share scheme is one of the cheapest ways to get around, with fees starting from as little as 8p per day.

For more about nextbike and how the bike-hiring scheme works visit their website

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