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YouSpeak nobackground-webThis week in You Speak the students were taught speaking skills! Students played just a minute in front of one another and learnt how to combat hesitation, deviation and repetition. We identified ‘weasel words’ such as ‘probably, might’ and erased them in favour of more certain terms e.g. ‘will, must’ along with learning to ‘fake it until you make it’ and to exude confidence even if you’re feeling a bit wobbly.

Louisa webOne student has been doing fantastically and is this weeks ‘Debater of the Week’. Each week she is making increasingly articulate points in the classroom, assisting others with their arguments and the You Speak mentors feel privileged to be able to see her shape into a very adept debater.

Congratulations to Louisa from King Richards School for doing herself, her teachers and her school proud. In the coming weeks there will be multiple debate competitions between schools and it will be fantastic to see if all the students can progress as far as Louisa has done when pitted against each other in a formal debating setting.

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