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When you use the term "salesmen" you immediately have picture in your mind, but when you meet Daniel Disney, the founder and author of The Daily Sales, that myth gets dispelled.

As you see and learn the value of what he is doing with his worldwide audience on this brilliant offering the value and use jumps out at you.
A truly driven individual and one who has learned his trade the hard way, but always with a smile.

Stef Nienaltowski: I'm sat with Daniel Disney, the founder of something called "The Daily Sales". Good afternoon Daniel.

Daniel Disney: Good afternoon Stef.

SN: Daniel, this current venture, The Daily Sales, can you tell me what this is, and how it works?

DD: Yeah of course. It's a platform for sales people, so my background is sales and sales management, and what I wanted to build was a platform that provided a mixture of content for sales people, both motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and educational, something that they can go to and use every single day, ultimately to help themselves.

SN: Wow, and that's all online?

DD: Yeah, it's all online. I do do events, speaking events, so there is a bit of face-to-face, but predominantly it's all online through social media content, videos, and email.

SN: Fantastic, so, we have obviously hundreds of people who listen to these interviews, how can they benefit, if I can call it a service, what are the benefits of it?

DD: Yeah, so the main benefit is it's packed full of content that will help people sell. So, if you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or a sales person directly, sales falls into so many peoples' roles, the content that we share is there to help you sell. So, it's full of tips, tricks, insights, strategies, even down to motivation, inspiration, that will help people find effective ways to sell.

SN: And the selling means selling anything?

DD: Yeah selling anything. It could be business to business type of selling, it could be a product, it could be a service, it could be to the consumer. If you are trying to sell something to someone, we cover it in some form.

SN: Wow! And, fascinating, how did it all start?

DD: So, I've worked in sales for 15 years, very passionate about sales as an industry and as a role, and about two and a half years ago, I started to consume a lot of content; books and videos. And what I wanted to do was create a central place, because they're here there and everywhere. You've got authors across the world, you've got books and videos, all these various things. I wanted to create one central location so you could connect, follow, subscribe to this one central place, where all of that content could be collated, the best content found, and just one place you could go to see it all.

SN: Fascinating in terms of the thought process you went through. We're going to cover in a moment your own background, which I know has been very exciting and quite varied, but I guess a follow-up question I've got on the back of that: some people are, I think the term used to be 'got the gift of the gab' and they're natural salesmen. Does this also help maybe the person who has a business, has a good idea, but isn't necessarily extrovert. Does it help them with those techniques in any way shape or form?

DD: Yeah, different people gel to sales in different ways. If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, and you've built something yourself, you don't have to have the gift of the gab to be able to talk the talk, you just have to be passionate about what you're selling. And often, business owners are the most passionate people about what they've built and created. So, all you need to do is find effective ways to communicate that to your prospects and your customers. But, the key of it is the passion that you have, that belief in your product, and that it can help other people.

SN: And that you'll all get from The Daily Sales?

DD: Yeah, I really push the honest ethical selling. It's not about trying to convince people, it's about finding the people that can benefit from your solution and finding great ways to engage and communicate with them.

SN: When we met recently, I personally was fascinated by your brilliant experience and background, and I wondered if, for the listeners, you could tell us a bit about 15 years in selling, and you're only what, 30 now?

DD: 31! I mean, I fell into sales. My first job was at Homebase, the DIY store, on the tills, and within 2 weeks, the sales manager for the Kitchens and Bathrooms departments sort of saw something in me, I'm not quite sure what it was back then, but brought me in, gave me a bit of sales training, and it just clicked for me.

So, I've followed an extensive sales career across various industries, tried to work my way to the top, and actually through most of it, didn't realise the depth of sales - it was just selling. But, when I started to open my eyes to selling across the globe, across different industries, that was where the next step took place, and I thought I really want to help sales people all over the world to sell. And certainly, at the moment more specifically, how to utilise social media, because that's really elevated the sales game. It's a whole new platform that you can utilise, and for me trying to help sales people leverage that to its true potential.

SN: And again, I guess like most people, you've taken those experiences into your current venture...

DD: Yes.

SN: fascinating thing I learned recently from a Partner of Shaping's. He runs three businesses and is about to move to Bali. So, I said why? And he said "Well, I'm 20-something, and why not? I can run my business from there". And in today's world, that's true, isn't it? A lot of what you do is done virtually isn't it?

DD: Yeah, the majority of what I do is done virtually. I could probably sit anywhere across the world, and continue to do what I do, which is a really exciting thing, but it's also a challenging thing. You could move to Bali and have various distractions, various challenges, and actually whilst so much of it is social and virtual, people do still want, and cry out, and need that physical face-to-face interaction. So, there's a big place for it, but you've got to find it in balance, you can't have one or the other.

SN: Exactly. My final question really, and I guess it's a hard one to answer, where do you go from here? Where does The Daily Sales go from here, and obviously without giving away too many trade secrets, what's in the pipeline, what can we look out for from the Daniel Disney corporation?

DD: Well, the big passion for me is to grow it as big as I can. I want The Daily Sales, The Daily Sales has just over 200,000 followers in its network at the moment. I want to get it to half a million, to a million, and for me it's to grow my brand. I want to write books, create content, my mission is to help sales people sell, and I want to do that in as many ways as I can, and there is a long list of things that I have, on that list, to achieve that.

SN: And you talked about the 200,000 followers, we haven't talked about costs in the interview, but I guess in order to access some of this data, is there a cost to it?

DD: No, so, people can follow all the pages, all the content, for free. I don't charge for the content, that's what I do for free. The business itself makes its revenue from advertisers, so I find great partners that are selling to sales people, great tools, and software and training. They then pay to promote it to the audience, but it's a very vetted process to do that. But, all the content for the sales people, for the businesses and entrepreneurs, it's all free, it's all out there. Whether it's e-books, blogs, videos, it's all there.

SN: Wow, so, no subscription cost, just it's there for them to use?

DD: Yeah. every single day, it's just a source of, hopefully, great content for sales people, and I worry about the business side the other side of it.

SN: Fantastic, Daniel, providing you don't move to the other side of the world, I'd like to come back and talk to you again in a few months’ time to see how it's going.

DD: I would love to be back Stef, thank you.

SN: Thank you for your time today.

DD: That's alright.

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