Spades of fun had as council and residents spruce up area

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A bloomin' marvellous time was had last week, Thursday 28th June, as local residents living in Waverly Road, Southsea, were part of a Community Planting Day aimed at improving the local area.

The event was organised by Portsmouth City Council's Private Sector Housing Team, and created in order to put forecourts at the forefront of people's minds, considering how they look after the outside of their property, and how it can impact on those around them.

The council's Clean City Team were on hand all afternoon to help residents with gardening tips and advice, as well as assisting them planting, trimming, pruning and tidying the areas outside their home.

It was also an opportunity to encourage local people to get outdoors and take part in activities that are good for both their own wellbeing, as well as the community around them.

Community Engagement Officer Gemma Moreau, who organised the event, said: "Activities such as gardening are really important for both personal, and community well-being, so staff from across our Housing, Neighbourhoods and Building Services directorate have been on hand all afternoon to help residents get outside, enjoy some sunshine, and pitch in to help make Waverly Road look great."

Portsmouth City Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Darren Sanders came along to pitch in and help. He said: "It's so easy for all of us to get caught up in our day to day lives and assume that the environment outside our home will take care of itself, but we must all own that responsibility. It's important we look after the areas we live in, and do our best to create a healthy environment for ourselves to live in.
Today has been great fun, and it was wonderful to see residents come outside in the sunshine and join in with everything going on. Hopefully it plants a seed of inspiration; just think how even better Portsmouth could be if we all did this more often."

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