Portsmouth City Council completing Air Quality market research

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Portsmouth City Council 2011The Environment Act (1995) requires the City Council to regularly review and assess air quality in Portsmouth. Areas where an exceedance of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) occurs, or is likely to occur, are known as Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).
As the local authority Portsmouth City Council must put measures in place to improve air quality in these areas. In Portsmouth there are five AQMAs (eight were revoked in 2009). Only one area, AQMA 6, currently exceeds government levels of NO2.

To support this work PCC have launched two surveys.

Portsmouth Travel Survey

This survey will help PCC to understand how and why people are travelling through Portsmouth's AQMAs, and how open people are to using other forms of transport.

They will use the information to inform their travel and transport schemes, which aim to improve air quality in Portsmouth. Responses will also be used to inform their campaign around anti-idling.

Portsmouth Air Quality Survey

This survey will help PCC understand what people already know about pollution, so that they can plan activities and messages to help inform others around the issues of pollution.

Both surveys close on Friday 21st September. Participants who chose to do so, will be entered into a draw to win one of two fitbit activity watches.

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