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As part of its community safety work, Portsmouth City Council has been recruiting pubs, bars and restaurants in the city to support the Ask for Angela campaign, designed to help people feel safe on nights out.

Originally set up by Lincolnshire County Council, Ask for Angela helps people who are on a night out where they start to feel uncomfortable to make a discreet departure by asking the bar staff for Angela. The staff know that this code word means that they need help and they can assist them in getting home safely.

The scheme has been successful in other cities in helping people who have become separated from friends on a night out and ended up with a group or individual that they don't know very well, or people who are on a date where they don't feel comfortable.

Cllr Matthew Winnington, Cabinet Member for Heath, Wellbeing & Social Care, said; "We want all residents to be able to enjoy the city safely. This is a simple initiative which has proved to be effective elsewhere. We're pleased to be supporting it and are thrilled that so many venues have come on board.

Emma Davies, manager of the Honest Politician, said; "We're happy to implement Ask Angela at the Honest Politician. We pride ourselves on being a responsible venue and we want to make sure that everyone here is having a fun and safe night out and feels comfortable with who they're with and confident in leaving and getting home safely. All of our staff have been briefed and are ready to help if anyone asks for Angela."

Search Ask for Angela on for a list of venues signed up to the scheme.

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