Sunny outlook for Portsmouth housing blocks

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Portsmouth City Council 2016Work is under way to reduce Portsmouth's carbon footprint by more than 6000 tonnes.

Portsmouth City Council is working with two local renewable energy companies to install almost 3,000 solar panels to 38 of their housing blocks before the end of March. This latest project is part of an ongoing effort to make Portsmouth a greener place to live by making use of investments in renewable energy.

The solar systems will generate around 730MWh of clean power from the sun; enough to power 250 homes for a year. The panels will help to save 250 tonnes of carbon every year for the next 25 years.

Solarvoltaics and Space Renewable Energy, the companies who have won the tender, have worked with the council before and are part of a solar framework set up to help deliver £10m of investment in the technology in the Portsmouth area.

The project is just one of a string of renewable energy projects which has seen solar installed on schools and community centres in recent months. The team has also been working with other organisations in the city and further afield to lend their expertise to reducing energy consumption and installing solar.

Cllr Darren Sanders, Cabinet Member for Housing at Portsmouth City Council said "Portsmouth's Energy Services Team are doing a great job of installing solar and other technologies to make the city more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint and I am delighted that in this instance they are doing so on our Housing portfolio. The fact that this is being done as part of a local investment which brings money back into the authority is better still. The success of Portsmouth City Council's solar strategy has been recognised by other organisations and the team are now working, not just on the Portsmouth City Council's investments, but also doing work for others."

Cllr Jeanette Smith, Cabinet Member for Resources and Portsmouth City Council said "Projects such as these show the ambition of the authority to make investments in local infrastructure, particularly where it can give the added benefit of doing our bit for the environment. The Resources Portfolio investments this year have included solar, LED lighting and fuel cells; all of which have helped reduce the carbon footprint of the authority and create income or savings."

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