Children unite to combat bullying

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Cllr Horton at anti-bullying ambassadors training web
Anti-bullying ambassador training at Charter School. L-R: Keiran O'Toole (Founder & Managing Director of Rock Clothing), Christina Barnard (pupil), Yannis Mitrache (pupil), Cllr Suzy Horton (Cabinet Member for Education at Portsmouth City Council), Josh Breach (Diversity Group, Charter School)

Children in Portsmouth are taking part in a variety of activities in school this week to support national Anti-Bullying Week - from joining in with Odd Sock Day, to co-delivering assemblies and talking in tutor groups about the serious impact that bullying can have and the different ways to report and tackle issues should they arise.

Pupils at Charter Academy in Portsmouth took part in an anti-bullying ambassadors training session ahead of Anti-Bullying Week, to enable them to provide peer-to-peer support for others in their year groups.

The interactive session, run by Keiran O'Toole, Founder & Managing Director of Rock Clothing, brought children from different year groups together to create new action projects aimed at recognising, challenging and reducing bullying, in a variety of ways including posters, T shirts and drama events. The ambassadors will help pupils to roll the projects out across the school in the coming months.

Attending the session, Cllr Suzy Horton, cabinet member for education at Portsmouth City Council, said: "It was a real privilege to join the session and hear the childrens' views on bullying and how to prevent it. It is absolutely vital that children feel happy and safe when they come into school, and sessions like this give them real confidence to challenge and change things they don't feel comfortable with."

Charter Academy, Trafalgar School and others are planning a number of related follow on activities to combat bullying throughout this and the coming weeks.

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