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Safer Portsmouth PartnershipThe Safer Portsmouth Partnership wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 1200 people who completed their Community Safety Survey this year. They have helped the partnership to get a picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in the city, and also to shape their Christmas Crime prevention messages. While worries about crime were far greater than actual experience of crime, the Safer Portsmouth Partnership thought they should share the most common worries and the most commonly experienced crimes.

The most commonly experienced crimes
The most commonly experienced crimes were harassment at 8.2%, damage to car 5.5%, and bike theft at 4.9%. Here are some tips to help you avoid these crimes:

  • Ensure you report harassment and try to avoid isolated areas on your own at night time.
  • Ensure you park in secure car park or in a well-lit spot
  • Ensure all car windows and doors are closed and locked when you park your car
  • Avoid leaving your purchases and presents or other valuables on display in your vehicle
  • Make sure you register any bikes with Immobilise and lock up your bike with a D lock.(can we add link?)
  • To report a crime that has taken place or something suspicious call 101, in an emergency always call 999.

The most commonly feared crimes
Burglary - 24% of respondents feared burglary, however only 2.1% had actually experienced it. Some tips to help you protect your home:

  • Don't leave presents in view of a window.
  • Register valuable gifts for free at
  • Dispose of packaging carefully - don't advertise that you have nice new goods inside.
  • Lock windows and doors and remove keys from sight
  • Activate your alarm, if you have one when you go out
  • Draw the curtains and leave a light on when you go out

And if you are going away for Christmas?

  • Ask a trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your property
  • Use timer switches so it looks as though you are at home.
  • Cancel deliveries such as milk and newspapers.
  • Robbery and assault - 22% of respondents feared robbery and 19% feared assault however only 2.6% had experienced robbery and 3.1% had experienced an assault.

While data shows that less than 4% of Portsmouth residents have experienced a violent crime and less than half of those who did were injured we understand that this is something people fear. So as the Christmas shopping season begins in earnest here are some tips from Cllr Dave Ashmore, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, to help you stay safe this Christmas.

Shop Safe

  • Buy crime busting gifts e.g. if buying a bike could you also give a decent 'D' lock?
  • Seems too good to be true? It probably is - avoid buying fake or stolen items
  • Remember it gets dark early so if young people are going out Christmas shopping remind them to have a plan for getting home
  • Avoid dark and badly lit routes

District Commander of Portsmouth, Superintendent Maggie Blyth said: “We want people to be safe and feel safe in Portsmouth. Therefore I would encourage people to follow the crime prevention advice given and I would like to reassure the community that we have increased police patrols around the night-time economy in the run up to and over Christmas, to help keep people safe.”

Nights out

  • Have a plan for getting home. Stay together - don't let friends wander off especially if they've had too much to drink
  • Don't drink and drive get a taxi or have a designated driver
  • Keep your pin safe
  • Put your money and your cards safely away from pickpockets
  • Check the cashpoint looks normal before you insert your card
  • Keep your pin safe

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