Shaping Awards 2019 - The Winners (Part 1)

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Shaping Awards

At the Shaping Portsmouth Conference on Friday 18th January, we celebrated great work being done in the city with the Shaping Portsmouth Awards.

After the event, Express FM's Darren Gamblen spoke to each of the winners.

This week we hear from Justine Arnold, who won Outstanding Contribution to Shaping by an Individual for her work on the Roadmap to a Career programme, Marisa Armstrong, our Portsmouth Ambassador of the Year, And Helen Richards, who was presented with New Start-Up of the Year for the Little Calm Company.

Justine is so very committed to Shaping Portsmouth and her volunteer role with them. She is passionate, thoughtful, conscientious and hard working and we are all very proud of her.
Her commitment to the Roadmap To A Career programme this last year has been brilliant and the number of hours she put has been significant.

Marisa has been a wonderful addition to the Ambassadors steering group.
She often brings food to share with the group, always helps with clearing up, and recently ran the first Ambassadors Steering Group social event.
She always offers to help out however she can. Marisa is very dedicated to promoting Portsmouth with all it wonderful opportunities.
She is eager to show and promote several different aspects of Portsmouth especially through " Meet Up" she invites large groups 30/50 people and hosts their visits to Pub Music evenings and Restaurant dinner evenings and a variety of other social options.

The Little Calm Company provide office-based massage therapy to workers, helping reduce workplace stress and muscular issues.

In the past 6 months, Helen Richards has built her client base from scratch to nearly 30 corporate clients across South Hampshire and the Solent Region, sometimes providing up to 60 massages in one day!

These 5-minute-massages are having a positive impact on the workplace health & wellbeing of her clients, helping reduce neck and shoulder pain, improve circulation, and reduce workplace stress.

Feedback from her clients is universally positive, and her fledgling business continues to grow.

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