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Funk Format and Sweat Southsea are bringing the Breaking Battle of Southsea to Castle Field on the 1st of June!

The event will be a stepping stone in gaining widespread attention for this dance, commonly known as breakdancing. The future generation of dancers will be the focal point of this Jam, since Breaking has often been overlooked in the media and within educational institutions in favour of sports and small selections of dance styles like ballet. Thus, many children are missing out on the physical and mental wellbeing, social connections and cognitive skills that stem from Breaking and the Hip-Hop culture. Funk Format will show at this event that there are many more activities that children can develop passions for, and not just the ones many are accustomed to.

This jam is not only for children but for all ages to enjoy. It is part of The Fitness Festival, held on Southsea’s Castle Field. The event celebrates active and healthy lifestyles, and will feature an wide array of events, such as SUP sessions and fun runs. So come and spend the day by the beautiful sea coast in the historic Southsea and get your groove on!

For your viewing pleasure, there will be battles featuring professional dancers, so everyone can be inspired by the years of practice, motivation, and cool moves. But it won’t just be for the professionals, all audience members will be encouraged to participate. No matter your age, the dance and music is for everyone!

Funk Format will provide free taster workshops in breaking as well as in other disciplines, so you can learn some skills.

The event is free to attend. The festival starts at 10am, the battles will start between 10:30 and 11:00am, and the festival will finish at 4pm.
If you are coming for the whole day, don’t forget to prepare accordingly for the weather, bring essentials such as sunblock, water, and also warmer clothes if the weather cools down.

And for those of you who don’t know, Portsmouth is home to some of the members of the legendary “Second to None”, a breaking crew respected all around the world in the culture, and have inspired some of the most famous and best dancers and crews over the last 30 years. They almost single handedly put the UK on the map as one of the innovating and fearless countries in Breaking! Bboy Adam of “Second to None”, who holds a wealth of knowledge and experience, will be judging to ensure the competitors receive honest and fair decisions.

If you would like to compete or have any questions, please contact Funk Format at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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