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Hive Portsmouth seeks to recognise and strengthen the social enterprise and healthcare community in Portsmouth. We want to be known as a great City to start up and grow an organisation that benefits people, places or the planet.

You might not call yourself a social enterprise but if you are in the business of making a social impact - this is for you!

Their first step is to gather information about the existing social enterprise sector in Portsmouth; make useful connections; find out what support is needed and then shout about how brilliant and innovative our social entrepreneurs are in Portsmouth.

Hive Portsmouth want to grow the sector and equip people to meet the needs in our City. They are not seeking to replace any existing networks and are open to the many and varied ways that people use an entrepreneurial way to respond to an issue they identify.

Below is a link to a very short survey to take that first step in mapping the sector, Hive Portsmouth would appreciate it if you could complete it yourself and then pass on to anyone else you know who runs a social enterprise or community business.

There are other groups they would like to reach out to: businesses who can demonstrate a very clear social or community benefit; charities and community groups who are trading or starting to think about trading; sole traders who are meeting needs in their own communities. - Closing date 7th July 2019

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