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This week, as part of National Refill Day on Wednesday 19th June, Hovertravel is helping its staff get involved in its efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic by giving staff free refillable water bottles. Across Hovertravel, the 85 staff which work on both sides of the Solent from pilots to engineers and handling agents to cashiers, will be encouraged to use one of the reusable bottles.

Chris Davis, one of Hovertravel’s HoverGreen Ambassadors, said, “Thanks to programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet, there is much more awareness of single-use plastics and the devastating effects they are having on our environment and oceans. At the same time, we are always encouraging our staff to stay hydrated with the consequence that across our business we consume over 20,000 bottles of water each year. The introduction of reusable water bottles for all staff means we can impact our usage of single-use plastic whilst keeping our teams refreshed and healthy.”

Hovertravel has supplemented this HoverGreen initiative for their staff with a commitment to involve their customers too. Chris adds: “As a responsible business, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact wherever we can, and we are improving the choice for our customers by offering free tap- water refills for any customers who bring in their own reusable water bottles.”

In 2018, Hovertravel formed an internal action group of HoverGreen ambassadors to explore how the company’s environmental initiative could be developed. Alongside monthly beach cleans, there are plans to offer regular training on how to manage waste effectively and increase recycling.

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