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American Independence Day isn't widely celebrated in Portsmouth, for obvious reasons, but for hundreds of children from local schools it was a day to remember.

On the fourth of July they came together at Portsmouth's Guildhall to mark the successful end of the first year of an environmental awareness campaign that has been running in the city.

One World was the brainchild of the team at Portsmouth Music Hub, and since September the campaign has been shining an 'energy-saving' spotlight on local issues that may have a global impact, and at the same time asking teachers, children, young people and their families to think about the ways we can all protect and sustain our environment.

Thousands of children have been taking part in a range of activities and events produced by the Music Hub, including beach cleaning, art and poetry competitions, story-telling and concerts. Lying at the heart of the campaign is a songbook, composed by musicians from the Hub, with 20 songs about environmental subjects ranging from plastic pollutions, litter, chlorofluorocarbons and ocean pollution.

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On Thursday 4th July children aged 6 to 16 took to the Guildhall stage in front of parents, families and members of the public to perform the One World Showcase. It was an evening of outstanding music, with soloists and choirs raising their voices in unison to celebrate the wonders of our environment. For everyone watching the passionate young performers and for everyone involved in the One World campaign the Showcase was a fitting tribute to a campaign that has successfully highlighted the risks to our world, to the changes we all need to make and to a brighter future for the many generations to come. The children's message was clear; we must all act now to preserve and protect our precious world.

Sue Beckett, CEO of Portsmouth Music Hub, said after the show: "The concert tonight was the culmination of a year of incredible creativity, and the passionate young voices we heard on stage was the perfect way to celebrate an environmental campaign that has resonated in the minds of thousands of young people. It is clear that humanity may be having a profound and devastating impact on our planet, and the purpose of the One World campaign was to highlight the problems and ask children and young people to embrace the solutions. Tomorrow our One World campaign continues, saving our world one song at a time!"

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