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Portsmouth City Council 2016Portsmouth City Council's community wardens, who patrol the streets and deal with reports from residents, are tackling more cases than ever.

The team was doubled in size at the start of this year, from eight to 16. Now, six months on, they are dealing with 400-plus cases a week on average, compared to 150 a year ago.

They respond to more than 85 per cent of reports from residents the same day.

The wardens' mission is to help keep the city safe, clean and tidy, and to provide support and advice.

Their work includes sorting out waste and fly tipping issues, tackling anti-social behaviour, helping rough sleepers and dealing with unauthorised encampments. As well as working closely with other council teams, they liaise with police and with homeless outreach groups such as the Society of St James.

They take enforcement action where necessary, including issuing warning and banning letters, fixed penalties and community protection notices.

Cover is provided from 8am to 2am (9am to 2am at weekends).

Cllr Lee Hunt, the council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: "It looks like the changes we've made, and the increased size of the team, are really having an effect on the streets of Portsmouth.
The wardens are dealing with more cases than before, and are more flexible. They are better able to monitor situations and act to stop problems developing, rather than simply react to what's going on.
They're doing a great job."

The eight new citywide community wardens took over the work of four high street wardens.

To contact the service, residents can call 08000 853 840.

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