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Stef 2017-04It is with enormous excitement and pride that I can announce some significant changes to the Shaping Portsmouth team and organisation to allow us to further support and serve the City in all that we do and will do going forward.

I have had the privilege of being the Director of Shaping since January 2017 and in that time we have seen the number of Programmes, we are responsible for, grow and the value we have delivered through our Partners and our wonderful Volunteers increase significantly.

But the pace of change and the need to support key programmes in the City is also increasing and we need to stay ahead of that need if we are to achieve the aim to make Portsmouth Britain's premier waterfront technology and innovation city and also a great place to invest, learn, live, work and visit where it is also the most attractive place to start, grow and move your business to. These are the aims of the draft City plan and a set of aims that we totally endorse and support.

In order to focus the resources on the priorities I have, along with Colin Wilding from Landsec/Gunwharf Quays, and Neil Chapman from HoverTravel, who as you may know are the Co-Chair's of Shaping, built a 3 year plan which will go a long way to confirming the position we want to hold, that being central to bringing our Businesses, Educational Organisations and the Community together on specific programmes. We need therefore to focus on both the Income for Shaping and the delivery, development and execution of the various Programmes we are running, and will be running in the future.

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I can confirm that from September 1st Stuart Brown will be moving into a new part time role of Head of Programme Development and, working alongside the existing and future Chairs of the Programmes, will be responsible for the consistent and productive delivery of services and value to the City. Stuart has a great deal of experience of working on our programmes and I know he will be successful in driving this higher level of delivery.

Matt Farmer will now be solely responsible for the Marketing & Communications. We strongly believe that we have not always shown the wider audience what we have delivered and hence Matt's new role will be promoting what we are doing, have done, and will be doing, along with showcasing the Partnerships we have with the organisations in the City and giving them a real return on their investment.

A brand new part time role will be that of a Partner Development Manager. Someone who will work with me to keep and grow the number of Partners who are investing in us by making sure those organisations get a real return on their investment. We will be advertising for this salaried position shortly.

A new volunteer role of Administrative support will also be advertised shortly and this 4-6 hour a week role will help me keep the important processes up to date.

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Finally that leaves the role I have been so lucky to have had for the past two years or so. One of the things I asked Colin & Neil for help with is a broader set to people who can come together 3 or 4 times a year to assist me in driving the strategy forward and giving me and the Shaping team some specific advice and help. Therefore as I now keep responsibility for the overall mission, operation and Patron support and be asked to assume more accountability for the organisation I will have, in addition to Neil & Colin, a volunteer Board of Directors to report to and to whom I can lean on for support and guidance. This Board will be drawn for all sections of the City and have the aims and objectives clearly in mind as they help me manage the strategy going forward.

We will publish details of all of this over the coming weeks but one thing will never change. We are here because of the financial contributions from thirty or so organisations, and that coupled with the army of committed volunteers who are forever delivering value and support all of which is focused on taking us forward to a brighter future for our wonderful City.

My thanks to Neil & Colin for their leadership and support in this project and Matt, Stuart, and I look forward to working with you all in our new and exciting roles.

Stef Nienaltowski
Chief Executive Officer
Shaping Portsmouth

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