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Thousands of children from schools across Portsmouth will be taking leading roles in a new creative campaign by the team at Portsmouth Music Hub.

Musicing Around! was launched in September 2019 on BBC Music Day. The campaign will inspire the very youngest in our city to develop a love for music and the arts, and over the coming year thousands of children, aged from 0 to 5 years old, will have the opportunity not only to experience the magic of music but to be part of a campaign to help protect our planet.

Last year Portsmouth Music Hub shone an energy saving spotlight on the environment. The One World campaign harnessed the power of music and the arts to raise awareness and thousands of young people played their part in a year of special events.

This year Musicing Around! will reach out to the very youngest and includes workshops, music-making, live performances and concerts, all of them designed to make a difference to the world and to the creative minds of the next generation.

Portsmouth Music Hub is looking for financial support to help sow musical and cultural seeds, to inspire young children and to make our world a better place. Public support can make all the difference, so to find out more and support Musicing Around! simply visit

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