D is for Dodo, E is for Extinct

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A new exhibition 'D is for Dodo, E is for Extinct' opens on 15th February at Portsmouth Museum; it explores the fate of several extinct species and British wildlife now threatened with extinction.

Centre piece of the exhibition is a very rare Dodo skeleton - one of only 12 in existence. Dodos are an icon of extinction, having been wiped out by humans less than 100 years after they were first discovered.

The new exhibition which runs until 2021 draws on Portsmouth's natural history collections and many specimens are being displayed for the first time in over a decade.

There have been five mass extinction events, the last took place about 66 million years ago, a natural catastrophe that wiped out around 75% of the Earth's animals, including dinosaurs. Many scientists believe that we are now in the sixth mass extinction event, the first to be caused by the activities of humans.
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