Enjoy our parks during coronavirus

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Portsmouth City Council 2016We have lots of great parks across the city - which are open for people to use for their daily exercise with their family - whilst observing social distancing advice.

Portsmouth City Council are working hard to keep our parks well maintained so that people can enjoy using them and use the space nearest them.

Their work includes mowing the grass - as it grows rapidly at this time of year - keeping sites free of litter, maintaining our grounds and trees and daily visual inspections to make sure they're safe to use.

The welfare of their grounds maintenance staff is their priority and they have implemented measures to ensure staff keep at distance from colleagues and the public, both when working in the open space and within welfare areas and that welfare facilities and PPE are available.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader, Portsmouth City Council said: "We're all encouraged to take exercise daily to get out and enjoy parks and open spaces with those in our household. It's so important to our health and well being. Our teams will be making sure those spaces are well maintained so they can be enjoyed in their full spring glory. As always during this time we urge everyone to follow the latest government advice and check the council website for the latest local advice."

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