Joint operation shines a light on night-time cycle safety

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Cyclists in Portsmouth have been reminded to 'Be bright, be seen' in a joint operation between Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire Police.

Over 100 cyclists were stopped at three events between November 2019 and February 2020 where they reminded riders about the importance of being visible when cycling after dark.


New user group events at Hovertravel

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Hovertravel User Group HUG - web

Hovertravel’s User Group (HUG) is announcing two new events for 2020, planned for April and September.

Loretta Lale, head of commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “As we continue in our quest to create a user group which represents our customers accurately, we are exploring additional new ways to engage with our stakeholders. For 2020 we are taking the HUG on the water with two evening events which will allow customers to ask questions and float new ideas.”


University of Portsmouth scientists find first fossil plant gum on record

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Gum within the fossil leaves 1w
Fossil gum in thin section of the fossilised leaf.

A remarkable new treasure has been found by scientists from the University of Portsmouth – the first fossil plant gum on record. The beautiful, amber-like material has been discovered in 110 million year old fossilised leaves.

University of Portsmouth PhD student Emily Roberts made the discovery while examining fossilised leaves of the Welwitschiophyllum plant, found in the Crato Formation in Brazil. Emily noticed thin amber-coloured bands locked inside some of the fossilised leaves she was studying.

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