A new Lead joins to help tackle Portsmouth Businesses Carbon Footprint

We are pleased to announce that our Business Climate Action Group has been joined by Hasmukh S “Husky” Patel, who has taken on the role of leading our Carbon Calculator project.

The Group aims to reduce the carbon footprint created by our business community, by helping all businesses find affordable ways to decrease their carbon production and running projects to tackle the causes of this pollution. This begins with our user-friendly Carbon Calculator tool, which allows businesses to work out their current carbon output.

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of Shapoing Portsmouth, said “I am delighted that Husky, who has worked with us as a volunteer for the past three years, has agreed to take on this vital role and I know his leadership and energy will deliver some great results. Welcome to your new role Husky and I look forward to the success I know you will bring to the programme.”

Husky said “I am pleased to be part of the team looking at reducing the carbon footprint of our great Maritime City. Businesses are facing challenging times but if their carbon footprint is not kept in check then not only will they be at a disadvantage but we all will suffer the consequences of climate change. Therefore, reducing ones carbon footprint should be a key focus for everyone, and I am delighted that Shaping Portsmouth is leading the cause with its Carbon Calculator program for Businesses.”

If you are a small or medium-sized business and wish to complete the simple calculator process do contact us at contactus@shapingportsmouth.co.uk and we will arrange to meet you and get the process completed.