Abri’s Create boosts self-employment skills in free training course

Shaping Portsmouth and Abri are working closely with the wider team within our Skills & Employability Programme to work through a 5 year skills strategy for the city. The objective is to have a highly skilled and motivated work force which will be utilised by our local businesses and to help as many people as possible out of employment into either self employment, permanent employment, up skilling courses or retraining courses.

If you are supporting anyone who has an interest in self-employment then please do consider signposting them to Abri’s (formerly Radian) self-employment training programme ‘Create’; they have new courses for consideration. Their next available online course is in September and runs every month.

Registration, training and support is FREE and after completion of the 4 training sessions the post course support includes; mentoring, business clubs, private Facebook group, additional training workshops and online and face to face sponsored Marketplaces.

The award winning course provides a step-by-step guide covering the fundamentals of self employment and what any new entrepreneur should ideally be considering at an early stage. It’s also suitable for those who may have already started up but need more guidance. It covers legalities, financials, marketing and branding, how to create a business model and how self employment effects benefits. What’s great is Create is free (which includes post-course support through Abri) and open to all.

Abri’s self-employment courses and overall programme is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which continues until December 2022.

Book your place on the course here.