Shaping Portsmouth Apprenticeship Bus calling for Apprentices from all sectors

Shaping Portsmouth’s Apprenticeship Bus Road Show is back in February 2023. Following the huge success from April 2022, we are now looking for existing and new Apprentices from all businesses and our partners across the city.

Each year, the Apprenticeship Bus travels around the city taking apprentices from Portsmouth-based businesses and organisations into schools, giving students a chance to meet them face to face and get a real, first-hand insight into what life is like as an Apprentice.

Each school visit lasts around one hour, and the students get the chance to hear what the overall Apprenticeship programme can offer.

The programme promotes:

  • The value of an Apprenticeship to students in Portsmouth senior schools.
  • The opportunities for careers with Portsmouth businesses.

Existing apprentices are requested to join the bus tour of the city for one of the days during the delivery week.
Typically, three schools are visited per day and each visit lasts about one hour.

The Programme team provides an Apprenticeship presentation to students.
The students then get a chance to interact with the apprentices and learn from their real-world experiences, usually with a Q&A session.
The bus will pick up and drop off from a city centre location, and lunch is provided for apprentices.

Covid protocols are being monitored and will be adhered to for the delivery week.

The programme is delivered in partnership with Alphi, The Ask Programme, Portsmouth City Council, Solent Apprenticeship Hub, Stagecoach, and University of Portsmouth

If you are interested in your business and apprentices getting involved for 2023, please do email