boxChilli on why you should never use a website builder.

boxChilli work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to get them online or ensure that they see the best return from their website and marketing investment, hailing from just outside of Portsmouth, they give some valuable advice on how to improve your website and also your business:

If you are selling a product or service, having an online presence can be really useful. Websites help build credibility, which is especially important if you are a new brand. It is tempting to try a website builder to quickly create pages for your brand, however, these seemingly convenient tools can create a lot of issues and have a negative impact on your brand image.

Hiring a professional web developer is a worthy investment that ensures you receive the best ROI.


Here are some of the reasons you should never use a website builder.

Poor customer support – We all want to feel like our custom is important, and to a local agency, it is.  The same cannot be said for website builders. Their aim is to gain as many customers as possible with minimum upkeep – you are just a number to them.

Flash, but not Gordon – The majority of website builders are created with Flash, which means it is not search engine friendly, and Google has issues reading it.

Bad user experience (UX) – You can spot a website builder website at 100 paces. They offer poor UX and an off the shelf design. This gives your potential customers a bad first impression which is hard to recover from.

Ads – Website builders often retain some rights to your website, this means that they have every right to advertise on your platform, detracting from your product and services.

Money, money, money – When you work with a professional web developer, you pay a one-time fee with additional support costs once it’s complete. A website builder often has high monthly subscription costs, plus a lot of hidden extras.