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Carbon Calculator

Led By: Hasmukh S Patel (Husky) – Councillor, Havant Borough Council

Take the first steps in carbon reduction by recording and reviewing your company’s carbon emissions. As part of our carbon reduction mission through the Business Climate Action Group Programme, the Carbon Calculator Project is one of the three subsidiary groups.  

We built a simple toolkit that allows businesses to prepare a basic carbon footprint. Whilst some organisations offer a thorough assessment of emissions, this can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, the audit is designed to be a compromise between cost, time and accuracy as a starting point for businesses to assess the impact of their organisation on the environment. 


  1. To look at and start to tackle our business climate action and carbon reduction plans in the city of Portsmouth 

  2. To help businesses demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact on climate reduction as the calculator acts as an initial baseline for future actions.   

  3. To act as a starting point of compromise between cost, time, and accuracy. 

  4. To Enable businesses to compare their carbon emissions against similar-sized companies 

Current Initiatives

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