Business Digital Resilience at MentalTheft Day 2023

On Wednesday 26th April, Lisa Gibbs, Business Digital Resilience Programme Lead and Director of Philip Gibbs Insurance Brokers, represented Shaping Portsmouth at MentalTheft Day.

MentalTheft Day is a free online event that has one goal – to help you to stay safe from scammers and cybercrime. Split into three different categories, the event hosted a wide range of speakers that gave “advice, guidance and the kick-up-the-arse that you need to prioritise your security.”

The event was launched by Paul Newton who, under the brand MentalTheft, has become the biggest voice for bridging the gap between cybersecurity experts and the average person.

Lisa introduced the BDR programme to attendees, as well as sharing tips, ideas and processes that could be implemented by small and medium businesses at no cost. Her video presentation can be viewed in full below.

Paul Newton, Founder of MentalTheft
Paul Newton, Founder of MentalTheft