Abri Create

Led By: Chris Adams

Vision & Mission

If you have an idea or passion you want to turn into a business or need some support with your current business, Abri’s free Create course can guide and support you.

Abri’s Create community is a unique place to learn, share, and support one another. They have a wide variety of business types and owners, and both residents and non-residents of Abri. So, there’s always someone who can help you with your burning question.

All of the training and business support is free, and available to anyone living in Hampshire and Wiltshire.

They’re creating thriving communities and empowering lives with our £15m five-year community investment, making sure Abri are driving change where it’s needed most. Increasing employment for their customers and communities is one of the top priorities in their Community Strategy.

Abri are proud that their Create course is helping to achieve this.

Find out more at create.abri.co.uk.

Always looking for people

If you’d like to join this programme, send us an email and let us know a bit about yourself and your business.