Armed Forces Community

Led By: Kate Mizon – Veteran; Freelance Writer, Ginger Umbrella
Andrew Moss – Veteran; Independent Consultant & Founder, Oakbridge Consulting

Our vision is to establish Portsmouth as the epitome of opportunity for the armed forces communities in the UK. With unwavering dedication, our mission is to promote awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant and encourage businesses in Portsmouth to wholeheartedly commit by pledging their support. We strive to collaborate closely with these businesses, acknowledging the tremendous impact and value of providing opportunities to serving armed forces personnel, reservists, cadets, the veteran community, and their families. Together, we aim to create a city that wholeheartedly embraces and empowers our armed forces communities, becoming a beacon of support and appreciation for their invaluable service. 


  1. To promote the benefits of the Armed Forces Covenant to Portsmouth businesses.
  2. To encourage Portsmouth businesses to sign the covenant, including our Partner organisations.
  3. To develop ideas for local business to attract customers from Forces communities.

Current Initiatives


  • Promoted and signed up 215 Portsmouth businesses to the covenant.  
  • Won Silver Employer Recognition Scheme in May 2023.  
  • Dedicated award each year at our annual conference, recognising support for our veterans.   
    • 2023 Winner – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust delivered by the Cdre John Voyce. 


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