Business Climate Action

Led By: Stef Nienaltowski – CEO, Shaping Portsmouth

Our paramount objective is to initiate substantial carbon footprint reduction within our business community, actively assisting all enterprises in discovering cost-effective approaches to curtail their carbon emissions. In addition, we are committed to spearheading impactful projects aimed at addressing the root causes of this pollution. Through concerted efforts and collaboration, we aim to pave the way for a more sustainable future, championing environmental responsibility across all business sectors. 


  1. To create and maintain an accessible single point of information on best practices for larger businesses and SMEs
  2. To run a pilot scheme providing tools to allow small businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and run a advice and guidance seminars to help them reduce it.
  3. To analyse carbon data available for the Portsmouth region, to track levels and any potential changes as a result of our efforts.
  4.  To set up a communications programme to promote the work organisations are doing to help the environment and showcase deliverables from the project.

Current Initiatives


  • Ran our first NetZero 360 workshop for 12 businesses in the city to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate achieving net zero sustainability.
  • 74 local businesses signed up to the carbon calculator
  • New communications website to support the local business community – Inspire & Inform.  


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