Digital Resilience

Led By: Lisa Gibbs – Director, Philip Gibbs Insurance Brokers
Supported By: Steve Dimon – Director, 1st Computer Services

The Digital Resilience programme aims to empower owners, managers and employees across the city to make smarter, risk-based, IT decisions.


  1. Create a positive culture around digital resilience by offering free-of-charge resources.
  2. To publish one article on the Shaping channels per month, written by experts with facts and top tips.
  3. Share links and resources on the Shaping website that will help businesses build resilience.
  4. Raise awareness of digital risks among SME business owners and help them understand the risk is very significant for SMEs, not just large companies as seen on the news.


  • Led a webinar on The Real Cost of a Cyber Incident alongside Aviva for Portsmouth businesses


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