Cruise Passenger

Led By: Kate Pearce – Head of Communications & Connections, The Queens Hotel
and Vanessa Busfield

Our key ambition revolves around positioning Portsmouth as a preeminent cruise industry port in the UK. Leveraging the inherent richness of Portsmouth and its surrounding region, we aim to craft a world-class cruise destination, tailor-made to cater to diverse passenger preferences. Our strategic approach involves curating a selection of unparalleled passenger experiences, poised to captivate cruise lines and become an integral part of their sought-after itineraries. By showcasing the unique allure of our region, we aspire to elevate Portsmouth to the forefront of the cruise industry, fostering sustainable growth and acclaim for this exceptional maritime hub. 


  1. To work with and bring together all relevant parties to focus on the potential that the increase in cruise lines/passengers brings to Portsmouth and the surrounding region and investigate how we can maximise the opportunities available.
  2. a) Through data analysis, understand both the cruise lines and passenger requirements to offer the right kind of experiences.
    b) Sleep/Park/Cruise – working with local hotels and logistic companies to create and implement packages.
    c) Meet and Greet at the port – Investigate the implementation of a Tourist hub/information centre and Ambassadors to meet and greet passengers.
  3. To have some tangible examples of sleep/park/cruise packages and have trialled or set a meet-and-greet service for visiting cruise passengers.


  • Hosted a 2022 / 2023 Cruise Business Event, inviting all the shore excursion companies to the city.  

  • Ambassadors welcomed a total of 26,510 passengers on the 35 transit calls in 2023.

  • Average spend into the city of £100 per passenger.  


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