Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Led By: Lizzie Butcher
Supported By: Emma George

Vision & Mission

We would like Portsmouth to be the leading City in the UK on Employee Health and Wellbeing support. Shaping and its partners will create a set of sustainable programmes for our city’s businesses that supports them in improving the health and wellbeing of their employees.

We would like to educate employers about Health and Wellbeing by sending businesses on training as well as putting together already existing resources for them to utilise. Mental Health, Muscular Skeletal conditions and general Health are just some of the things we can look to help our employees with which in turn, has huge benefits for a business.

We need to ensure we understand – this can then have massive returns such as low staff turnover as well as increased productivity. We have so far developed a questionnaire to ask businesses what they would like to get from this programme and the most popular option was having a workplace wellbeing champion designation at every Workplace.

This would be a voluntary role with training and resources provided. Prior to the pandemic, we also wanted to send businesses on Making Every Conversation Count training, lead by Portsmouth City Council. This will be something we will look to pick up post-COVID.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing is delivered in partnership with:



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Always looking for people

If you’d like to join this programme, send us an email and let us know a bit about yourself and your business.