SEND Employment & Enterprise Hub

Led By: Amanda Percy

Vision & Mission

Working with education providers, employers and social enterprise organisations to ensure Portsmouth young people with SEND aged 14 -25 can engage in meaningful work experience, develop enterprise skills, have opportunities to undertake work-related programmes including Supported Internships and Apprenticeships to progress to employment and/or self-employment.

The Employability and Enterprise Hub will engage and work with organisations that can offer the following opportunities for young people (aged 14-25) with SEND

  • Work experience/Virtual Work Experience
  • Vocational training
  • Supported Internships
  • Enterprise activities
  • Supported Apprenticeships/Employment
  • “Take over activities”
  • Shop front opportunities for enterprise activities
  • Mentoring

The SEND Employment & Enterprise Hub is delivered in partnership with




Always looking for people

If you’d like to join this programme, send us an email and let us know a bit about yourself and your business.