Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant Led By: Andy Spencer – Armed Forces Lead for Solent NHS Trust Our vision is to establish Portsmouth as the epitome of opportunity for the armed forces communities in the UK. With unwavering dedication, our mission is to promote awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant and encourage businesses in Portsmouth to wholeheartedly commit […]

Business Climate Action

Business Climate Action Led By: Stef Nienaltowski – CEO, Shaping Portsmouth Our paramount objective is to initiate substantial carbon footprint reduction within our business community, actively assisting all enterprises in discovering cost-effective approaches to curtail their carbon emissions. In addition, we are committed to spearheading impactful projects aimed at addressing the root causes of this […]

Cruise Passenger

Cruise Passenger Led By: Kate Pearce – Head of Communications & Connections, The Queens Hoteland Vanessa Busfield Our key ambition revolves around positioning Portsmouth as a preeminent cruise industry port in the UK. Leveraging the inherent richness of Portsmouth and its surrounding region, we aim to craft a world-class cruise destination, tailor-made to cater to diverse […]

Digital Resilience

Digital Resilience Led By: Lisa Gibbs – Director, Philip Gibbs Insurance BrokersSupported By: Steve Dimon – Director, 1st Computer Services The Digital Resilience programme aims to empower owners, managers and employees across the city to make smarter, risk-based, IT decisions. Digital Resilience Articles Check Your Domain Useful Resources Previous Next Objectives Create a positive culture […]

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Workplace Health& Wellbeing Led By: Rachel Dare – Director of Training, Cordell Health Providing evidence-based resources to protect the health and wellbeing of employees within the Portsmouth business community. To support employers with up-to-date knowledge to help them protect their employees which in return will encourage long term success internally. Workplace Health & Wellbeing Articles Useful […]