Can you help Solent Academy Trust students be Shaped By Solent?

Shaping Portsmouth Conference 2023: The Shaped By Solent Team with Sharon Burt

Shaping Portsmouth are delighted to confirm that we will be running the Shaped By Solent programme again this year starting in September, and we are looking for a volunteer Programme Lead to join the team.

Shaped By Solent brings together The Solent Academies Trust, Shaping Portsmouth and a range of high-profile businesses to mentor and provide experience in business and public speaking to classes of SEND students. Their task is to brainstorm, create, and present products the students could sell, with profits from funds raised going to the schools to benefit their students and facilities.

The programme ran for the first time in 2022 and culminated in the presentation and sale of a wonderful key ring product at the Shaping Conference in January this year. The product chosen by our judges was created by a team from the Redwood School group, who were one of eight teams across the academy that took part in the challenge.

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of Shaping Portsmouth, said “The pupils at the four Solent Academy Trust schools are amazing for how they overcome their personal challenges and this initiative proved beyond doubt what impact they had on this entrepreneurial challenge. The pupils, teachers, and mentors learned so much about each other it was truly wonderful.”

We are looking for a volunteer programme leader to work with Stef to oversee and manage the timetable and the process, which will end on Friday 26th January 2024 at the next Shaping Portsmouth Conference. The skills needed centre around project management and good communication. The time commitment for the role would be around two to three hours a week between September and January.

If you have the time and interest to help our SEND pupils at the Solent Academy Trust experience the world of work, problem-solving and creative thinking, please get in touch with us at