Help Citizens Advice Portsmouth shape their services for the City’s needs

Citizens Advice Portsmouth has always aimed to offer its residents and communities, an easily accessible, approachable, and broad ranging advice service but are they getting it right?

The COVID pandemic is still forcing us all to re-evaluate, to change how we go about our daily lives and how we work. As a result, it is also causing a significant increase in the number of requests CAP get for help. They want to find out what the residents of Portsmouth would like to see and need the most from their service. It’s vital for them to obtain a detailed picture, to better understand you and your key needs now. This would also help them to develop and deliver the best advice service possible for the future.

To do this, CAP have created a simple, quick survey to gather the information they need. They have been very lucky to have had the help of two Royal Statistical Society (RSS) statisticians, under the RSS ‘Statistics for Society’ pro-bono initiative. They have been working closely to design and test the survey which they hope will give them the valuable insights, to help them to stay relevant and better understand your needs.

CAP won’t ask you for any personal information and the survey is completely anonymous.
Once they have gathered this information, they will only use it to help make future decisions.

Examples of the type of question you are likely to be asked are:

  • How do you want to receive advice: face to face, over the phone or via webchat?
  • What might stop you from seeking our advice with a problem?
  • What sort of opening times would you like to see?

You can access the survey here.

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