Back Care Awareness

Download a PDF version here. What makes up the back? The back is made up of several different structures including the neck, middle back and the lower back. Each of these parts are made up of bones called vertebra. The bones in the neck are referred to as Cervical Vertebra, the bones in the middle […]

Urology Awareness

Download a PDF version here. What is urology? Urology is the part of health care that specifically deals with disorders affecting the urinarysystem and male reproductive organs. This includes: Bladder Kidneys Male reproductive organs – testicles, scrotum, penis, prostate 1 in 2 of us will get a urology condition at some point in our lifetime […]

Communicating Change

Download a PDF version here. Introduction Communication is key. It becomes especially important at times of change. When we go through periods of change it is vital we feel kept up to date with new information. Explaining clearly what is happening can help someone to feel less anxious. There are four main types of communication […]

Deaf & Hearing Loss Awareness

Download a PDF version here. Protecting your hearing It is important to protect our hearing as much as we can and a few ways in which we can do this are: Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noise Consider your exposure in day to day life including while using transport or undertaking social or leisure activities. […]

Men’s Health

Download a PDF version here. Introduction Mental health is a complex subject which can affect anyone and is a completely different experience for each individual. This guide focuses on mental health in men, strategies to cope and support networks which can be accessed for those requiring support. Statistics around mental health: In 2021 74% of […]

Stroke Awareness

Download a PDF version here. Introduction A stroke is when a part of the brain is damaged because of a problem with blood flow. Strokes are common and according to in the UK alone, a stroke happens every 5 minutes. They can occur in both adults and children. When someone has a stroke, they […]

Bowel Cancer Awareness

Download a PDF version here. What is the bowel? The bowel plays a crucial role in our digestive system for our overall health and wellbeing. It forms the lower portion of our digestive system, composed of a small and large bowel. It is a long muscular tube running from the stomach through to the back passage (anus). […]