Changes to excess waste collection in Portsmouth

With lockdown lifting, rubbish collection services in Portsmouth are returning to normal from 19 April, following a relaxation in the allowance over the past few months aimed at helping people to stick to the stay at home order.

From Monday 19 April, only rubbish contained in the black bin or three black bags (the standard allowance for flat fronted properties) will be collected by the bin crew. This will not apply to larger households where extra capacity has already been agreed.

For residents with a black wheelie bin for rubbish, this should be filled with bagged rubbish and the lid of the bin should close.

Colette Hill, Assistant Director of Neighbourhoods at Portsmouth City Council, said: “We relaxed the allowance for rubbish during lockdown when more people were spending time at home. We are now on the road out of lockdown and returning services to the way they were before lockdown. We understand that there will be a period of adjustment and there are options available if you have extra rubbish. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we head out of lockdown.”

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) is open and can be used for disposal of extra waste but booking an appointment is essential. There are appointments available every day from 9am to 6pm. Visit the website to book a slot:

If extra bags need to be collected, stickers can be purchased that will allow these to be taken as well. Stickers cost £24 for a sheet of 12, and should be placed on every extra bag that is put out. To buy these stickers, contact the Recycling and Rubbish team on 023 9284 1105 – payment by debit or credit card will be accepted.

If extra rubbish needs to be taken regularly, contact the recycling and rubbish team to be assessed for a bigger bin or additional capacity for those placing out bags. Phone 023 9284 1105 or complete the form on the