The Charity Support Network welcomes a new Programme Lead

At Shaping Portsmouth, we are pleased to welcome Chris Hillman as the new Programme Lead for the Charity Support Network. The programme provides a database of tradespeople willing to volunteer their time and expertise to support charitable organisations and their work.

Chris is Head of Employability and Apprenticeships at Minstead Trust, which supports over 220 people with learning disabilities to develop skills that allow them to gain greater independence and lead fulfilled lives, including running the Lily&Lime Café in Portsmouth Central Library.

Chris said, “Having joined a charitable organisation in 2021, I have experienced first-hand the life-changing difference that charities can have. However, like everyone else, they will be feeling the hit of rising costs and lack of funds.

“Also, Portsmouth has a wonderful island mentality, and we see time and time again how people in our community come together to help one another. This was demonstrated so powerfully during COVID-19 and the Free School Meals campaign.”

“The Charity Support Network is the perfect combination of these ideals, professionals and businesses offering up their valuable time to help support our voluntary sector continue their life-changing work.

“It has become clear over the past years, that the people of Portsmouth are at their best during challenging times and I hope this programme is a great way to showcase this! I am delighted to offer up my time, to join the Shaping Portsmouth Team, to help facilitate this project and hopefully create a real difference in our city.”

Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienaltowski adds, “I have been working with Chris and Lily&Lime for just over a year, and he is a truly inspirational leader of that wonderful organisation. It is, therefore, such a positive move for Shaping that he has agreed to lead our Charity Support Network.”

“He will bring a lot of energy and leadership to this important programme, and I can’t wait to work with him in 2023. “