Community Programmes

The community pillar of Shaping Portsmouth is focused on supporting the people that live, work and study in the city.

We are uniquely positioned to focus our energy on emerging areas of concern, whilst providing two key programmes that showcase the best of what Portsmouth has to offer.

Through the resources of our Patrons and Partners, and the willingness of our volunteers, we aim to give every Portsmouth resident the chance to give back to the city that they call home.

Community News

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26th January 2024 – 08:00 to 13:00 The Shaping Portsmouth Conference returns to Portsmouth Guildhall in 2024 We are very excited to be bringing the Shaping Portsmouth Conference back to Portsmouth Guildhall, with the theme of Shaping Our Future.
Terence Carvalho has stepped up as the new Programme Lead for Portsmouth Ambassadors. Portsmouth born and bred, Terence is a huge advocate for his city. He has served as an active Portsmouth Ambassador for many years, is on the
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Shaping Portsmouth Chief Executive Officer Stef Nienaltowski has announced that he will be retiring in the new year. Since taking over in January 2017, Stef has transformed the not-for-profit organisation with its mission to create partnerships and lead programmes